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African Tokens and Medals

(Please note: the current list, as it is, is woefully out-of-date! We are interested in buying many of the titles listed here. If you wish to buy any of the listed titles, please contact us by email.)

Davenport, Dollars of Africa, Asia and Oceania; HB, new. WTD

Einzig, Primitive Money; 1949, 6x9, 517pp. WTD

Feisel, Catalog of Parking Tokens of the World; 1973, 243pp, new, HB. 10.00

As last, 1989 ed. 20.00

Gill, Tokens of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somalia, 1992, 325pp, HB 25.00

Maynard, Tokens of Southern Africa; 1966. WTD

Raymond, Tokens of South Africa; 1966, Afrikana Museum Collection. WTD

Smith, Catalog of World Ferry, Ship and Canal Transportation Tokens and Passes; 1981, 202pp, HB, 6x9. WTD

Smith, Catalog of World Transportation Tokens and Passes; 1967, 320pp, HB. WTD

Sotheby, The Palace Collection of Egypt, Cairo, Feb.-Mar. 1954; Farouk sale, 318pp, 38 plates, rep. with prices. WTD

Vice, Coinage of British West Africa and St. Helena, 1648-1958, 1983, 237pp, HB, many photos 50.00