African Tokens and Medals

Davenport, Dollars of Africa, Asia and Oceania; HB, new. WTD

Einzig, Primitive Money; 1949, 6x9, 517pp. WTD

Feisel, Catalog of Parking Tokens of the World; 1973, 243pp, new, HB. 10.00

As last, 1989 ed. 20.00

Gill, Tokens of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somalia, 1992, 325pp, HB 25.00

Maynard, Tokens of Southern Africa; 1966. WTD

Raymond, Tokens of South Africa; 1966, Afrikana Museum Collection. WTD

Smith, Catalog of World Ferry, Ship and Canal Transportation Tokens and Passes; 1981, 202pp, HB, 6x9. WTD

Smith, Catalog of World Transportation Tokens and Passes; 1967, 320pp, HB. WTD

Sotheby, The Palace Collection of Egypt, Cairo, Feb.-Mar. 1954; Farouk sale, 318pp, 38 plates, rep. with prices. WTD

Vice, Coinage of British West Africa and St. Helena, 1648-1958, 1983, 237pp, HB, many photos 50.00

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