Exonumia For Sale

We are always looking for interesting exonumia to purchase.  If you have any of the following items, please email us for a quote:  American Indians; A.N.A. awards and other medals; Animals; Anti-slavery tokens and medals; Apothecary weights; Asian-American tokens; Automotive (tokens and medals, like GM’s 25th Ann.); Aviation tokens and medals; Beer and booze tokens; Bimetallic tokens; Brothel tokens (genuine only!); Brunswick Balke tokens; Canadian, Breton tokens; Charge coins; Circus tokens; Civil war tokens, store cards, patriotics and sutler tokens and encased postage; Coal tokens; Elongated coins, half-cents to $20 gold; Communion tokens; Counterstamped coins; Dairy tokens; Encased coins, half cents through $20 gold pieces; Counters; Cut-out coins; Fairs and expos; Error tokens; Fakes/fantasies; Hard Times tokens; Europe (France, England, Germany and Italy tokens); KKK tokens; Latin America, including South and Central America Mexico and the Caribbean tokens; Lincoln tokens, medal and plaques; Love tokens; Lumber tokens; Masonic “penny” tokens; Medical tokens and medals; Magic tokens; Medical (quack!) Batteries; Military, U.S; Miniatures; Oceania, including Australia; Picker tokens, Playboy collectibles, political tokens and medals; Prison money; Relic tokens and medals; Repoussee (popout) coins; Rulau/Miller tokens; Saloon tokens; Scouts, boy and girl; Sales tax tokens; Shell cards; Ships, tokens and medals; So-called dollars and half dollars; Space tokens and medals; Spiel marke; Spinner tokens; Sports tokens and medals; Swastika tokens; Telephone tokens;  Theater tokens and medals; and Washington tokens and medals.

We also seek medals of all persuasion, such as Society of Medallists, Greengarden, Circle of Friends, Old Time Assay Commission, various statehood medals, World’s Fair awards and commemorations, life saving, art deco and many others. Ask!

Listing prices are subject to change.  Please email cunninghamchips@hotmail.com for current availability and pricing on pieces.

Current Listings

Current Catalogs For Sale

  • Transportation Tokens
    Current as of January, 2017
  • Expositions and Worlds Fairs
    Current as of April, 2017
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  • Lincoln Exonumia
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  • Good-For's
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